What I’ve been up to this month!

Have you been wondering what i’ve been up to? At this moment I’m watching the movie “Brave” while covered up in a nice warm blanket (as is my way) relaxing while a corn bag sits on my belly warming the monthly cramps away. I can think of worse ways to spend my day. My day job has been hectic and crazy, with more hours put in than I’d have liked, but I am glad the holiday rush is over. I’m glad that normal can return. My heart is still a bit aching and sore in some ways, as stories of violence done to women and children pervade the news. I just breathe through that and remember how important it is to just love, love, love. Have you recovered from the holidays yet? I hope yours were full of joy, bounty, and much merriment. I celebrated the holidays in a quite way, my own way. It…

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What the Movie “Butter” Taught Me

Last week I was relaxing and decided to watch the movie “Butter” (It’s on Netflix). It’s a quirky comedy about a little girl in foster care, who decides she wants to enter a butter-sculpting competition at the state fair. She goes up against the wife of the local butter-sculpting hero and hilarity and rivalry ensue. It’s a very sweet, funny, and touching comedy. There was a part that I found especially wonderful and I wanted to share it with you. It takes place in the car outside of a lodge where the main character, a little girl by the name of Destiny, is about to sign up to enter the butter-sculpting contest. Her foster dad, Ethan gives her the pep-talk which ends up being the opposite of positive thinking, but I love it. Here’s how it goes. Ethan Emmet: “Don’t tell Jill, she always likes me to think positive, but what I…

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