Saying No: An Act of Self-Love

One of the foundations of self-love: Boundaries. Your ability to say “no” to people is often an indicator of how well you’re loving yourself. If you are constantly saying yes to people and situations that you want to say “no” to you end up being exhausted, burnt out, and with little time for yourself and for self-care. When I first created my Self-Love Planner (years ago!) one of the things I noticed right away was how much time I spent doing things that I didn’t want to do. At that time of my life, I was still an introvert in denial. I tried to be that extroverted person who went out and had friends and I was absolutely miserable. And still, I said yes. It’s okay to say “no”. No, when you don’t want to do something. No, when someone makes you uncomfortable and treats you in a way you…

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