April Self-Care Check-In: Wisdom

Good morning my favorite people! The last 30 days have been full of intense self-care for me. The difference between practicing that deep soul-level self-care and the basic self-care that just gets you through the day in survival mode is astounding. I’ve started to feel better on every level. My energy levels are rising, I’m full of creative energy, and my overall mood is getting better. It’s been a daily commitment to me. I’m not just creating time and space for myself (so important and the base of all self-care) but I’m filling that time with things that I need…

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December Self-Care Check In

We’re already a week into December! Where does the time go? It feels like the last few months have just flown by. I’ve been waiting for the year to be over and we’re almost there. December is always a time of reflection for me. I pull out my Self-Love Workbook and I start documenting all of the things I went through this year so that I can process them and let them go. I’m always struck by how strong and brave I am. Really! I look at all of the crappy stuff that happened and I’m proud that I made…

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January 2017 Self Care Check-in

We’re four days into January! How are you doing? And more importantly, is your self-care supporting how you’re feeling right now?If you’re a little bit bummed, or anxious, or heart-broken, is your If you’re a little bit bummed, anxious, heartbroken – is your self care supporting you in those feelings? Are you being extra kind to yourself? Are you remembering to do those things that require energy and effort (that you really don’t want to spend) that will make you feel better? What about reaching out for support? If you’re doing great, how are you going to keep that mojo?…

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