8 Holiday Self-Care Tips

The holidays are almost here! I know that this time of the year is crazy busy for all us. Between work, family commitments, holiday traditions, and everything in between sometimes the self-care gets a little lost in all of the commotion. Let’s not let that happen! I created an add-on for the Self-Love Workbook called Holiday Self-Care. It’s 24 worksheets designed to keep you organized and stress-free and there are a ton more self-care tips! Self-care is SO IMPORTANT and it’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself this season (and all year round, every single day, it’s a commitment!). For me, the holidays used to be a period of deep depression, especially when I moved out on my own. I wanted so badly to capture the holiday spirit, to create my own traditions, to be that woman in the magazine who was decking the halls and creating cute…

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