The Self-Improvement Backslide

I’ve been open about my own journey of self-improvement, especially my issues with rage. Sometimes I think the Hulk has nothing on me. When you choose to change something about yourself it feels like this big scary adventure. The first step can be a little frustrating (but freeing, so very, very freeing) and you get through it and the next step, and the next. Then something even more terrifying happens. You start to detox. Maybe you miss the easiness of how you used to be, or you realize that maybe you can’t change because it’s hard. But you get through that too…

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Book Review: You Can Heal Your Life

It’s a new month, a clean slate to make miracles happen. I don’t know why, but there’s something about a new month that just feels… clean. I can start over, leave the mistakes in the past, move forward. (This post contains an affiliate link! You buy something, I get a small percentage, thanks for supporting Blessing Manifesting!) Each month I pick a word to embrace for the month. This month’s word is “healing”. I’ve realized that there are some past hurts that are still hurting. It’s frustrating to think that issues are in the past, neatly packed away, and then…

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Change Your Thoughts: I’m Learning How

Today I pull out my big mojo bag of healing tools and I share with you this powerful statement. When I first read it six months ago, in You Can Heal Your Life, something inside of me just clicked and I had this amazing wow moment. “It is only a thought, and a thought can be changed.” Really? I can seriously change those? It sounds silly now, but at the time that statement just boggled my mind. I was used to being a creature of emotion and upset thinking, controlled by said emotions and thoughts. If I was angry I…

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