Write A Love Letter to Your Inner Critic

Last month, I had to think a lot about my Inner Critic and how we’ve come a long way together. It’s now a story of healing more than anything. The Inner Critic is like that friend that is negative all of the time and never has a good thing to say about anything and while it’s annoying at best and crippling at worst – there’s a reason for it. Damage. Hurt. Fear. That voice is a misguided protector and an ill-advised guide. I believe the inner critic means well. Want to know the best way to combat that voice in your head? Know better. Know that the inner critic speaks from a place of fear and anxiety, not one of truth. When you are making art and that little voice in your head tells you that it’s rubbish – where is that voice coming from? It’s coming from the fear that…

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How To Start Loving Yourself

This morning, a lovely lady named Anne commented on the Blessing Manifesting Facebook page.“How do I start to learn to love myse.” I then realized that out of the over 300 blog posts here at Blessing Manifesting I don’t think any of them accurately cover what that question asks. After a little bit of thought I came up with what I believe is the best way to start the journey and to begin loving yourself. You can also read about my Self Love Journey in the Self Love Planner! Get to the root of why you don’t love yourself. First step. What about you is so unlovable? When was the first time you can remember feeling that way? There are so many reasons why you might have trouble loving yourself, why it isn’t your default setting like it is for other people. Mental illness. When your depression is constantly like…

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