Evening Inventory Printables

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t sleep? Your mind is on overdrive – looping over and over on something that you wish would just leave you alone so that you could get some much needed zzz’s? Yeah, me too. I’ve always found journaling to be one of the best forms of self-driven therapy (Check out my Journaling Workbook!). The act of creating space to get into my head, take an account of it, and write it down has always been incredibly soothing to me. It allows me to take all of that mental baggage and “move” it into a different container – paper.  The Evening Inventory worksheet allows you to take stock of your day and release the negative while also reminding yourself of the positive. What was your overall feeling or mood and why? (It’s just paper – you’re allowed to drop all of the…

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Sleep as Self-Care: 4 Ways to Sleep Better

Today we’re going to talk about sleep as self-care. Do you ever find yourself feeling a bit low? Low on energy, low on enthusiasm, low on life. Looking around thinking…is this all there is?! Well don’t panic and don’t despair – you’re certainly far from being alone. If we didn’t all feel a little stuck in a rut from time to time then the massive multi-billion dollar self-help industry wouldn’t exist would it? Now, I don’t have everything sorted out – far from it! But there are a few things I know to be gospel. The secret to feeling better about yourself is not owning a faster car, having more money in your bank account or even getting more retweets or likes. Getting out of that rut is all about working on the fundamentals in life. Building better relationships and looking after your physical and mental health. While not costly…

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Evening Self-Care Routine

Hey sweets! Today we’re going to have a conversation about that thing that we do at night with the pillows, and the bed, you know what I’m talking about… Sleep! Are you getting enough of it? Are you making the most of what you do get? For me, taking a look at my sleep schedule is usually a pretty good indicator of how my over-all self-care is and where my stress levels are at. I am a notorious work-a-holic, and even though I know that I should step back from the computer, there are times when I’m staying up late, getting five hours of sleep, and then getting up to do it all again. I have to constantly police myself because I just get so excited about being creative. Or sometimes it’s depression and sinking all of my mental thought processes into work helps me forget that I am depressed.…

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