Teen Suicide Prevention: Have you had “The Talk”?

There are a lot of things I am passionate about – spirituality, self-love, self-care – and I am passionate about them because they all have helped me manage my mental illness. Spirituality helps remind me that I am part of this amazing Universe. Self-love reminds me that I am worthy. Self-care reminds me to take care of myself and ask for help when I’m in a bad place. Anxiety and depression have been part of my life since I was 11 or 12. My very first journal has entries about wishing I could just disappear. About wanting to be a fashion designer but feeling like I was too fat and ugly so I was just going to be a librarian. (Sorry to all the librarians out there.) I got in trouble all throughout middle school for missing too many days because more often than not I’d wake up with debilitating…

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How To Help: Suicide Prevention Awareness

September is Suicide Awareness Month and I wanted to have a conversation about it. We need to have conversations about it. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among persons aged 10-14, the second among persons aged 15-34 years, and the fourth among persons aged 35-44 years. sourceAn estimated 9.3 million adults reported having suicidal thoughts in the past year and 17% of students in grades 9-12 in the U.S. seriously considered attempting suicide in the previous 12 months. Suicide is something that we need to talk about. We need to stop the stigma. Mental illness is real. The struggle is real and we need to stop the shame surrounding it. The shame of being able to say: “I don’t have the skills to cope right now.” “My depression is making things difficult for me.” “I need help.” Depression is a medical condition. It’s no different than having a…

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Suicide Awareness Month: You Are Not Alone

This month is suicide prevention month so let’s talk about suicide awareness. I want to take a moment to speak about suicide and my own experience. I’ve been through it and if you’ve been around awhile you know how passionate I am about mental health. I don’t remember when I first thought about suicide but I do remember being about 11 or 12 and feeling like I didn’t want to exist anymore. I wanted to disappear but I didn’t understand why. As I got older and hormones and puberty kicked in I struggled a lot with my body image and even more with (what I didn’t realize at the time) social anxiety. Suicide became something that I thought about often as a teenager and into my early adulthood. I thought that there was something wrong with me. There were things wrong with me and that’s okay. We all have issues and baggage and…

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