How Tailwind Doubled My Traffic

This post is two years old. My traffic went from 500ish views per day to 5k average. Pinterest can definitely be a game-changer! To learn more of what I do check out my blogging guide! You’ve heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”? That’s unabashedly me. I’ve been blogging for six years and I have a system. I don’t like when things mess with my systems. Focus on Facebook and Twitter and dabble in everything else. “Facebook is where the traffic is.” I kept hanging onto that years’ old advice despite my Facebook posts getting little to no engagement. I figured traffic would even out eventually. I started seeing Pinterest touted as a great way to get traffic and I resisted. I mindlessly pinned each new blog post but I never paid attention to it. Learning Pinterest seemed like a lot of work, and of course –…

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