Self-Care is Not One Size Fits All

Today we have an excellent guest post from Terri Barley, a member of the Soulsisterhood and a Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. Enjoy! Have you ever been shopping and thought you found something you really like, then flip the tag to see what size it is only to find the “One Size Fits All” phrase? Your heart sinks and you keep looking elsewhere because you know it’ll never work for you. Well, self-help I’ve found is much like clothing.  It by no means is one size fits all and often discourages because we don’t get that instant “ta-da” epiphany for a solution. Once upon a time, I had a boss that instilled in me the necessity of knowing the why of doing something. His method infuriated me throughout my employment.  But now I apply this theory to every aspect of my life and it helps, especially me being the analytical…

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6 Types of Self-Care You Need to Know

There are six main types of self-care! If you’re struggling to create time for self-care or you’re trying to discover what kinds of self-care you need in your life right now, check out the Self-Love Workbook. It’s 250+ pages of self-care worksheets, planner pages, and so much more. It’s designed to help you discover exactly what kind of self-care works for you, and it is very you-specific. Self-care: Actions you perform to take care of your physical, emotional, and mental needs. When you love something you have ways of showing your love. You water your garden, you feed your cats, and you do sweet little things for your Loves. That’s what self-care is for you. It’s about turning that love, attention, and affection toward yourself. You need love too. It becomes so much easier to have functional relationships when you aren’t living day-to-day deprived of the things that make you…

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