Using Spring Cleaning to Clear Your Mind

spring cleaning

Human beings are fragile, and now more than ever, it seems we all might need a break to clear our minds. With much of the world self-isolating due to rising concerns about the coronavirus, it’s easy to find yourself focusing on the news and social media while clutter and unfinished projects pile up around you.

Isolation is known to drain our energy and even affect our mental health. Sometimes a change of environment can do wonders because it helps us to focus on our well-being. With spring right around the corner, let’s take a look at some self-care tasks that go hand-in-hand with spring cleaning that can help us create a space that brings us peace and enjoyment.

Focus on the Arrangement of Items

Seasonal depressive disorder, anxiety and even empty nest syndrome can take their toll on your well-being. Your surroundings, such as clutter, can only add to those feelings of anxiety. Clutter is often the culprit when you can’t find important items in your home such as bills or receipts you might need. This can lead to even more stress and anxiety but, fortunately, it can be avoided.

For those suffering from empty nest syndrome, it might seem like that clutter is a good reminder of how your house was when your kids were around, but experts disagree.

It’s understandable to want to keep your children’s things around after they’ve moved out for college or to start life on their own, but the key is how you arrange those items. Opt to arrange your children’s leftover belongings in a way that honors them. This gives you the control to give every item a designated place, and it eliminates any extra clutter that might still be around.

Whether it’s useless clutter clogging up your space or sentimental items left behind by your college-aged kids, the first step in eliminating it is to start small. Focus on one area of your house.

As you go through the items, decide whether you’re going to toss it, to keep it, to store it away in a designated area, or to display it.

This is also a great time to take note of any unsightly electrical cords you might find peeking out from behind your furniture. While it might seem like a miniscule thing, scattered electrical cords can often lead to the buildup of clutter in your home. In your decluttering mission, it’s helpful to discover creative ways to keep these cords out of sight. Take your time and work your way through your home until you get to the point that you consider your home to be officially decluttered!

Don’t Forget the Outside

More often than not, people consider spring cleaning an inside activity, but there’s plenty you can do to the outside of your home that doesn’t require a professional and can be a great way to clear your mind. Fresh air and sunshine have many benefits. Not only does the sunlight give you a boost of Vitamin D, but the fresh air allows more oxygen into your lungs, and it improves your mental health.

To take your spring cleaning to the outdoors, all you need is access to a pressure washer. Your local hardware store should have them available to rent, and they’re easy to use. Despite that, if you’re still nervous about operating the machine, have an employee at the store give you a quick tutorial. A pressure washer uses a concentrated stream of water to blast off any excess dirt and grime that might have built up on your bricks or siding over the years. You can also use it on your garage door, fencing, and even on your driveway. In addition to boosting your home’s curbside appeal, the act of pressure washing can be quite therapeutic.

Make It Fun

Everyday life sometimes has a way of dragging us down, so it’s important for us to remember to have fun when we can. Spring cleaning might not be at the top of your list of fun activities, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be! It’s easy to get excited about the end product of a sparkling clean house, but you need to make sure to enjoy yourself along the way.

Blast some of your favorite music as you dance from room to room, cleaning as you go. Get your family or spouse involved, despite their groaning, and turn it into a family affair. Keep things light-hearted. It helps you from getting overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning your entire home. Regardless of how you decide to clear your mind by spring cleaning, keep the big picture in mind. At the end of the day, a clean home, fresh air flowing through the windows, and a little sunshine from a day outdoors might be just what the doctor ordered

Does spring cleaning help you clear your mind?

spring cleaning

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